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Like many other companies, Glexia values its history as a strong, determined company, providing services at the lowest rate possible to its cliental. We cherish our heritage as a leader in the fields we provide services to, as we feel it provides us with a unique identity that distinguishes us from other companies. Below you will find a history for each month of our company’s existence, letting you see the roots of our company and what it has grown into.

June 2005

Glexia was founded during June 2005. During this month, we set up our website and begin programming the core backbone of our site to provide easy management and to allow clients to access invoices, pay bills, and manage their accounts. During June, the company progressed, gaining many more clients as well as a dedicated server, expanding our scope of web hosting solutions. Glexia also began to add to the group of services it offered to its clients.

May 2006

Glexia continues to grow and expand its service offerings during May 2006. During this month, we have continued to update and complete our website along with obtaining another server, which we will place shared hosting clients on. We have devoloped a unique partnership with Rackspace this month. We continue to accept new clients and have impliminted our automated billing and provisiong system. Glexia has obtained two toll free numbers and impliminted its PBX system.