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applications, systems, and corporate networks against potential threats



using our comprehensive cross-platform information technology solutions



our technical expertise to deliver your next information technology solution



web, desktop, and mobile applications using the latest technologies



information technology problems with enterprise-wide solutions



websites that attract your target audience

We are a full-service information technology provider with a passion for design & developing beautiful creations. We’ve had the privilege to work with a diverse group of clientele and have established a reputation for always bringing innovation to the table with every project.

A symbol of a lock and binary codeSecurity
August 27, 2017

5 Great Password Managers

Remembering multiple passwords is a major challenge for most of us, due to how many different tasks we accomplish online. Nearly everything now requires an account with a password, even…
A lock in a circle surrounded by chainsSecurity
July 24, 2017

The Rise Of Ransomware and Why You Should Be Concerned

Introduction to Ransomware There were more than 600 million recorded ransomware attacks in 2016. Analysts estimate that these attacks netted cyber criminals more than $1 billion over the course of…
A doctor holding a book and a shieldHealthcare
July 3, 2017

Why Your Medical Practice Needs a Secure IT Infrastructure

Does your medical practice have a secure IT infrastructure? Many healthcare practitioners turn a blind eye to IT security, assuming it's an unnecessary expense that offers little-to-no value. While creating…
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Responsive Website Design

We’ve designed and deployed responsive websites ranging from small to large, paying attention to detail at every level.

Powerful Hosting

From Website hosting to application servers, let Glexia deploy infrastructure for you. Glexia has a unique relationship with several data centers offering over ten unique locations across the United States.

Security Consulting

Glexia has relationships with some of the brightest minds in the security industry, bringing an array of talent under one name. Let us help you keep hackers out.

Expert Training and Education

People are now the weakest link in computer security. We’ll educate your staff on the latest computer security trends and recommendations. You are the key to security.

Comprehensive Solutions

Let us develop a comprehensive out of the box IT solution for your company. Save with our creative solutions which leverage synergies within your organization.

Robust Support

Our highly skilled US support team is available 24/7/365. We care about our customers and stand behind our product, work and services.

We are here to make your technological vision into a reality. Glexia takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to our services. We solve your IT challenges and let you focus on what matters.

No Quibbles

We’re no nonsense. Glexia is a customer-centric firm that will do what is right for the customer. Unlike our competitors, we will never make statements such as “well this is not included in the contract” or “this line item does not state this.”

Award Winning Quality

Glexia has won several awards for its work. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality consumer friendly products. We will exceed your expectations. Guaranteed.


There is no reason high-quality products need to bankrupt you. Glexia is consistently more affordable than our counterparts because we are more efficient, have a minimal physical presence, and leverage a wide talent pool.

We’re People, Not Drones

We do not expect you to have all the answers for us on day one. On projects, we consider ourselves an embedded member of your team. As the project evolves and changes, we do as well.

Get ready to stand out

Glexia will make a lasting impression
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