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Glexia prides itself on offering some of the best web hosting plans on the market. Our bleeding-edge plans offer you many choices so you can pick the plan that fits your personal use or businesses the best. Glexia recognizes that uptime, stability, and price are key factors in determining which web host you decide to host your site with and promise that prices, uptimes, and stability are unsurpassed by any company in competition with Glexia.

Please take the time to view the differnet hosting and domain options Glexia offers you, as well as the unrivaled advantages to each plan over our competitors. Glexia's offeres a verity of hosting types to suit your company's needs and leave room for expandability, saving you both money and time.

If you are confused on which plan is right for you, read a little bit about each plan here. If you are an expert user, please proceed to the type of hosting you need.

Shared Hosting

Glexia offers a variety of shared hosting plans, each to suit a different client’s need. Along with providing a huge array of options, Glexia provides a custom design plan, where we allow you to design your own web hosting plan and even suggest the price. This feature is unlike any other web hosting company serving the world. Also unlike many other companies who provide web hosting, Glexia offers shared hosting that will blow you away. The shared hosting packages are not only on some of the best servers we offer, they are sold at the lowest possible price. Different from many other companies, Glexia's shared hosting servers are not crowded like New York, and have extremely high uptimes and very good stability. We know that your website is important to you and will show you that your money was well spent. Shared hosting is right for you if you want a low-cost solution while leaving room to expand. Shared hosting is perfect for businesses sites, personal sites, or even small enterprises!

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Virtual Server Hosting

Glexia has many virtual server plans to fit your needs. Virtual server plans offer more control over the server than a shared hosting plan. Virtual server plans give you large amounts of bandwidth and space. If your company/websites are receiving many hits a month, this is the right plan for you. Glexia's virtual server packages are packed full of bandwidth and disk space as well as other features to further enhance your website and web hosting experience. The prices on our virtual server plans have never been better. The prices are low; however, Glexia still offers full service, unlike many other companies in the industry. If you want a plan packed with disk space, bandwith, and features, at a very reasonable cost, choose the virtual server hosting!

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Dedicated Hosting

Glexia's dedicated server option gives you the ultimate disk space and bandwidth options as well as full control over the server. With a dedicated server, you control the entire server and can perform any operation you wish, aside from hosting an IRCd. These options include hosting a game server, ventrilo server, and more. Glexia also offers two support options, managed or unmanaged. Depending on your experience at maintaining a dedicated server, you can choose the unmanaged server option, which is where we will not provide software support which in turn saves money. This option is perfect for companies who have dedicated IT departments with Linux specialists in them familiar with maintaining a web server. The unmanaged option is for smaller companies/users who do not want to worry about fixing software errors or problems. Glexia will still assist unmanaged users in installing new hardware or repairing hardware as well as diagnosing hardware problems. Glexia's dedicated servers have tremendously high uptime and stability so your site will never be offline, providing your customers/viewers with higher faith in you. To maintain these high uptimes and awesome stability, Glexia works hard to keep our dedicated servers packed with the newest hardware and options. Glexia's dedicated servers are some of the best on the market for their price and support. If you are looking for a high end, wonderfully packed plan, the dedicated server solution is right for you!

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If you have a dedicated server that you would like collocated, we offer option as well. Glexia offers many server unit sizes and packages to suit your need the best. Glexia has an array of unit sizes available to fit every type of server, from the largest to the smallest. Each server will be placed in our racks and have all the same features as a regular dedicated server. If you are looking for a high end, wonderfully packed plan, the dedicated server solution is right for you!

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Shoutcast Hosting

Glexia offers you the services required to host your own radio station. That's right, Glexia sells shout cast hosting plans which allow you to host your own internet radio station, using high quality bandwidth and light fast servers to provide your listeners with top quality music. Unlike many other companies who bill you for every gigabyte of bandwidth you use, Glexia has dynamic plans that allow you to set the amount of bandwidth you're going to use at a low cost. Glexia works with you to create the plan that suits your needs, not confining you to a few predefined plans that have no chance for growth. At Glexia, we want to allow companies to grow, which is why we made scalability one of our top priorities along with customer service and providing solutions at the lowest cost possible.

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Reseller Hosting

Want to get your hosting comapny started but not buy a entire server to do so? Glexia's Reseller hosting option allows you to resell our hosting services. We rent you space on our server while you provide all support to your clients, set the costs of plans, and manage all billing. This gives your company the feel of having a dedicated server, at the costs of a shared hosting solution. Glexia strives to help any small businesses who are starting up by providing these reseller solutions at low costs.

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Domain Registration

Glexia's domain registration services provide you with full and complete access to domain registration. Using similar services to other large companies, Glexia is able to provide domains to you at a low cost. Glexia lets you manage your domains and make any changes via an online control panel. Our competitive pricing lets gives you the domains you want at the cost you deserve. Along with offering domain registration, Glexia offers other services to go along with your domain and keep it protected.

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Game Servers

Have you ever wanted your very own game server with full administration privileges? It is now possible with Glexia's Game Server hosting. We offer game server hosting for almost every game available, and if we do not offer game server hosting for your game, you're welcome to ask us about it and we will get our technical stuff to add it to our list! Glexia provides top quality servers and bandwidth for our gamers to ensure lag-less gameplay. These top quality game servers are provided at minimal cost to you, letting you spend money on larger game servers or other things that may be more important. Our game servers are fully managed, meaning we fix any problems that you may have. We also will help you customize your game server to suit your needs.

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Voice Servers

In today’s businesses, gaming, and technologically connected world, voice servers have become a critical application. Whether you’re playing a game where voice to voice communication is essential because you are using both hands to play the game, or your businesses uses VoIP for communication or conferences, Glexia's voice servers are a vital part. Glexia offers high quality voice server, using both Ventrilo and Typefrag server environments. Glexia offers full administration options to its clients, allowing you to fully manage your server, banning users or setting up managed and queued channels. Glexia's voice servers are a vital part of any avid clan or company. If you want a high quality, lag-less voice server, than Glexia's voice servers are the right choice for you!

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